Fortnite: How to Scan a Server at a Surface Hub for Week 13 Challenge

Fortnite: How to Scan a Server at a Surface Hub for Week 13 Challenge

25.02.2021 0 By Butcher79

One of Fortnite’s Season 5 Week 13 challenges requires you to scan a server at a Surface Hub. We’ve put together a location guide so you know exactly what to look for.

Each week, a new set of weekly challenges goes live in Fortnite to help keep the game fresh and ensure that players have enough chances to earn XP and level up their Battle Pass, unlocking skins and cosmetics in the process.

Some of these quests are easy, as they simply require you to deal damage with a specific weapon or visit a named location on the map. However, one Week 13 challenge asks you to scan a server at a Surface Hub.

Chances are, most players won’t know what a Surface Hub is, or how to scan a server – but you’ve probably already stumbled upon one of them by accident at some point during Season 5 without even realizing it.

What are Surface Hubs in Fortnite?

Players may remember when secret underground bases were discovered at the beginning of Fortnite Season 5. These bases were believed to belong to the Imagined Order which is the secret organization that Agent Jonesy works for. It’s also where this season’s annoying IO Guards are from. This organization has a few underground bases around the map that players will need to infiltrate to complete one of this week’s challenges. Here is where they are located.

IO Surface Hub Locations In Fortnite

Fortnite Season 5 IO Surface Hub Locations

There are three different IO Surface Hubs in Fortnite Season 5, and players only have to visit one of them to scan a server. However, these hidden locations are hard to find if players don’t know where to look. The map above marks the three buildings that the Surface Hub entrances are located inside of. The hubs are underneath Hunter’s Haven, Stealthy Stronghold, and Colossal Colisseum. Once a player finds the entrance all they need to do is find one of the glowing computers and press the action button to complete the challenge.

Each of the Surface Hub entrances is located under the floor of the building they are hidden in. Players won’t need to break any floor panels to enter the hub, but they will have to have a keen eye. The Surface hub located under Colossal Colisseum can be entered through a crack in the floor in the southwest corner of the POI behind a doorway. The Hunter’s Haven Surface Hub is located underneath the western-most white building at the POI, and the building will have a staircase leading down to the hub. Lastly, the Stealthy Stronghold Surface Hub is located inside one of the ruins in the central portion of the POI. Players can drop through a crack in the ruin’s floor to access the Surface Hub. Again, players will only need to visit one of these Surface Hubs to complete the challenge.