Genshin Impact Guide: The Chi of Guyun Сompleting the World Quest

Genshin Impact Guide: The Chi of Guyun Сompleting the World Quest

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Players will have to solve puzzles involving statues in order to complete quest The Chi of Guyun

The Chi of Guyun is a World Quest in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock this Quest and where it is found, as well as its rewards and a full walkthrough for completing the Quest.

The Chi of Guyun Basic Information

Quest Details

Quest TypeWorld Quest
LocationQingce Village, Liyue
Quest GiverYan’er

How to Unlock

The side quest can be picked up by Yan’er, a hooded NPC. You can find her in the ruins in northern Liyue. The ruins are right next to a Teleport Waypoint that takes you to Bishui Plain. Once you’re in the area, a blue quest marker should appear on your map to lead you to Yan’er.

Most of the quest will navigate you normally on where to go, but several parts will take you to a vague area or provide a riddle telling you what to do. We’ve explained these parts below.

The Chi of Guyun Walkthrough and Rewards

It seems Mt. Qingce is hiding some secrets…

The Chi of Guyun Objectives


Part 1


Genshin Impact_20200929235631.jpg

Head north into the ruins and interact with the Incomplete Writing at the center.


Genshin Impact_20200929235902.jpg

You’ll have to search for 3 special statues. Directly south near the orange stones is the first. Activate it and search for the next.


Genshin Impact_20200930000409.jpg

The next is back up to the northeast, also surrounded by orange stones and guarded by some Geo Slimes.


Genshin Impact_20200930000539.jpg

The final statue is directly west from the second next to some Hilichurls. Take them out and activate the statue.


Genshin Impact_20200930000619.jpg

Once all three statues have been activated, a Precious Chest will spawn near the incomplete writing. Open the chest and make your way to Qingce Village.

Part 2

1Genshin Impact_20200930011512.jpgIn Qingce Village speak to the villagers until one gives you an option to examine the fragment. The Tea Vendor near the shop will do.

Genshin Impact_20200930011636.jpg

Next speak to Granny Ruoxin at the top of the village. You will now have to search the area for fragments where there are a lot of Geo Statues.


Genshin Impact_20200930014630.jpg

The first location is at the top of the highest cliff near the village so it’s time to start climbing.


Genshin Impact_20200930014622.jpg

Once there, you will have to activate 4 of the statues in the correct order based on the location of the landmarks listed.
Here stands this statue to watch in each direction:
– Facing the windy ruins obscured by a tree (north)
– Facing the snowy mountain (east)
– Facing Wangshu Inn (south)
– Facing the rocky peaks in the distance (southwest)

See below for images


Genshin Impact_20200930020515.jpg

After activating all of the statues collect your prize and move on to the next puzzle south of the western Teleport Waypoint.


Genshin Impact_20200930020505.jpg

at the ruins you will have to activate the statues in the order in which the Incomplete writing tells you to:
– North
– South-east
– North-west
– North-east
– South-west
See below for images

7Open the chest and return to Granny Ruoxin where you will learn to investigate a waterfall to the northwest of the ruins you were just at previously.

Part 3

1 Genshin Impact_20200930021644.jpg
To the right of the waterfall is a cave entrance. Follow it down into the vault and open the gate with the fragments.
2 Genshin Impact_20200930021911.jpg
Take care of the Treasure Hoarders and activate the pedestal in the center.
3 Genshin Impact_20200930022124.jpg
Defeat 4 Ruin Guards while protecting the Qing Cache from damage.
4 Genshin Impact_20200930022532.jpg
Once the 4 Ruin Guards are down a Ruin Hunter will appear. Defeat it without the Qing Cache breaking to move on.
5 Genshin Impact_20200930022845.jpg
Once all of the enemies are down, head north towards the marker for your treasure.
6 After looting all of the treasure chests, return to Granny Ruoxin to complete this quest.


Adventure EXP ImageAdventure EXP ×500Primogem ImagePrimogem ×60Liyue Shrine of Depths Key ImageLiyue Shrine of Depths Key ×1

The Chi of Guyun Tips & Strategies

Statues to Watch in Each Direction

1Genshin Impact_20200930015223.jpg“The wind-swept ruin”
2Genshin Impact_20200930015237.jpg“The snow-capped peak”
3Genshin Impact_20200930015253.jpg“The adepti’s abode”
4Genshin Impact_20200930015541.jpg“The city of Liyue”

Activate the statues in the above order to get the fragment.

Ruins Statues

1Genshin Impact_20200930020627.jpgNorth
2Genshin Impact_20200930020639.jpgSouth-east
3Chi of Guyun - Ruin Statue 3.PNGNorth-west
4Chi of Guyun - Ruin Statue 4.PNGNorth-east
5Chi of Guyun - Ruin Statue 5.PNGSouth-west

Activate the statues in the above order to get the final fragment.

Vault Boss Tips

Genshin Impact_20200930022701.jpg

Use a bow and arrow to knock it out of the sky by hitting it in its weak spot, putting it out of commission briefly. Take advantage of this to keep it away from the Qing Cache and prevent damage to yourself.