Heaven’s Secret – Season 3 EP 5 Bont over Mal: Walkthrough

Heaven’s Secret – Season 3 EP 5 Bont over Mal: Walkthrough

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Welcome to the Guide to Romance Club: Heaven’s Secret! This page is for the third season of Episode 5 “Bont over Mal


What is a walkthrough? A walkthrough is a chapter-by-chapter guide that will reveal the effects each choice has on your character and the story. Please note that these pages are always under construction as we learn more about each story.

Most choices you make for your Main Character in this book influence variables: You can follow the path of Angel 😇, Demon 😈, or trigger a hidden path of Malbonte 😇😈 while also choosing to influence: Strong Connection to Malbonte or Weak Connection to Malbonte.

Your choices can also influence: Glory 👑 High or Low can dramatically change the plot of your story!

These choices change (quite significantly) the story, the outfits you will be able to use and the scenes you will be able to play. Premium choices that require in-game currency to be unlocked are marked by a 💎 diamond symbol. Quick choices that are timed are marked by a ⏰ timer symbol. Text written in Italic provides a summary of the story and in case of a premium choice extra information.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the very intricate nature of this game, where every choice you make sets into motion a complicated series of consequences, there are many possible game routes and scene combinations. As a result, the walkthroughs on this wiki might not be exactly identical to your game experience. If you experience something that is not covered in our walkthroughs, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add an extra possible route to our wiki.  Do you have more questions? Come and join us on the Reddit fan community!

Season 3, Ep. 5: “Bont over Mal” Guide

Malbonte asks who do you want to visit.

Choice: …

  • ➤ Fyr. (Continuation further down.)
  • ➤ Perhaps no one. (No effect on stats.)
  • ➤ (Choose someone else.) (Depending on your previous choices, only your main love interest with the highest romance points will be available to you. You will get a sad yet cute scene with them. The scene is only obtainable if Malbonte agrees)

Choice: I wanted to…

Continuation: If you chose, “(Choose someone else.)”

  • ➤ Lucifer. Prompt: Your relationship with Lucifer improved.
  • ➤ Dino. Prompt: Your relationship with Dino improved.
  • ➤ Mimi. Prompt: Your relationship with Mimi improved.
  • ➤ Perhaps no one. (No effect on stats.)
Path of Weak Connection to Malbonte: “No.” You looked sad and repeated, “No?” He replied, “No favors.” He returned to his maps without bothering to explain his reason for the refusal.

Choice: “What should I do now?” (This is choice is only available on the Path of Weak Connection to Malbonte)

  • ➤ (Persuade him.) (28💎)
  • ➤ (Accept.) (No effect on stats.)
Path of High Glory 👑: Malbonte asks if your visit would give him any trouble. Which you reply it will not. He says, “Good. Let’s see how much your promise is worth.” He nodded to the demon guarding the exit behind me. “Take her to the captives. She has fifteen minutes.” You reply, “Thank you.” Malbonte kept staring at you seriously, betraying the concerned thoughts in his head..

Continuation: If you chose, “Fyr.”

He transformed back into Loy asking if you were hurt.

  • ➤ Hug him.
  • ➤ Kiss him. Prompt: Your relationship with Loy improved.

Adi or Austie hands you new outfits evading all your questions.

Pick an outfit:

  • ➤ Dangerous (22💎)
  • ➤ Ready for battle (28💎) (Adi says, “You’re beautiful as always.” or Austie says, “You’re one of the few Unclaimed who knows how to dress.”)
  • Average (Free)

Zizga tells you, you should be happy since you are free.

Choice: …

  • ➤ Thanks for that. + 1 Angel 😇
  • ➤ Bullshit. + 1 Demon 😈

Malbonte says, “You have some questions for me.”

Choice: “What should I ask first?” (You only get to pick once, choose wisely!)

  • ➤ (Learn strategic secrets)
  • ➤ (Ask about him) Prompt: Your relationship with Malbonte improved.

Continuation: If you chose, “(Learn strategic secrets)

Choice: … (You get all options, you choose the order only.)

  • ➤ Why can’t they find you? Prompt: You learned useful information. (Malbonte smiled somewhat like a prent when his child gets praised.”I came up with a way to enhance the power of the amulet that conceals energy. We managed to build an energy dome above the entire camp. We are invisible to the rest of the world. You could say we don’t exist.)
  • ➤ Who built this camp? Prompt: You learned useful information. (“Escaped prisoners.” You asked if they were on his side. He replied, “Yes. they have nowhere else to go and no one to fight for and this camp is now their home.”
  • ➤ I’ve got no questions. (Ends conversation, can’t ask any more questions.)

Continuation: If you chose, “(Ask about him.)”

Choice: … (You get all options, you choose the order only.)

  • ➤ Do you consider yourself more demon? (Malbonte thought a long time before answering. “I’m forced to be more of a demon. Evil is expected of me. I’m a monster to everyone. They wanted to destroy me as soon as I was born. They want to destroy me now. I just adjust to the world that they created.” You reply, “That sounds like an excuse.” He turned to you. “I’ll destroy them all and I don’t care if I’m a monster in the eyes of others or not. I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve my goal.” You ask him, “And what is that goal?” He said nothing.)
  • ➤ How does it feel to be in eternal darkness? (In the darkness lived only the darkest side of my soul and it survived only for revenge.I was like a red-hot stove, and the moment I was reconnected with my good side, it was as if someone poured a bucket of ice water over me. Now I’m thinking more soberly..but there…I was so furious, consumed by hatred. I watched my plan slowly become fruition. I was pulling at the strings, trying not to overdo it and not burn them to ashes with my anger. I’d rather cease to exist than return there again and be left without…” He fell silent, pursing his lips angrily. You spoke up. “And be left without Bont?”)
  • ➤ I’ve got no questions. (Ends conversation, can’t ask any more questions.)

Malbonte asks if you changed your mind about him.

Choice: …

  • ➤ Yes.
  • ➤ No. Prompt: Your connection to Malbonte is weakening.

Continuation: If you chose, “Yes.”

Choice: …

  • ➤ Better. Prompt: Your relationship with Malbonte improved. – Prompt: Your bond with Malbonte is growing stronger.
  • ➤ Worse.
Path of the Angel 😇: “You’re a coward.” Fencio replies rather shocked, “Me?” “It’s easier for you to put all the blame on the woman who rejected your feelings..than admit your own weakness in front of her and life’s hardships. You were insecure and wanted to force my mom to stay with you. To make her feel indebted and responsible for the feelings you had. You’ve paid for your feelings, not mom. You made the sacrifice because you wanted to. But the victim is always at a loss. Otherwise, it’s not a sacrifice, but a deal. Do you get it?” “She forced me!” His cry was out of despair. “She had no compassion for me. She laughed at my fall and I laughed at Sammy’s body and at the severed head of her almost-lover! Now it’s my turn to be selfish and ruthless..Now it’s my turn to walk on heads!”
Path of the Demon 😈: I laughed out loud, making him shut up. “Mom did the right thing when she showed you your place…in the doghouse.” I spat out these words like that poison he compared women to. I skillfully aimed those words at Fencio’s heart and hit the bull’s-eye. He jumped up, all red with anger. He was shaking, ready to pounce on everyone. “I may be pathetic, but I’m here. I am full of strength, and all the roads are open to me. While your friend and your mother’s almost-lover ceased to exist, never knowing real joy of immortality. I’ll kill you, too, and bring your mother to her knees in front of me, where she belongs.”

Malbonte ripped out your wings.

Choose your wings:
Like a fairy (28💎)

Flaming (102💎) + 1 Glory 👑

Burnt (Free)

Malbonte gives you a fifteen minute head start.


👑 Glory: 1 with 💎

😇😈 Angel or Demon: 1