HellSign Money Farming Guide (Easy & Fast)

HellSign Money Farming Guide (Easy & Fast)

26.02.2021 0 By Butcher79

For HellSign players, this guide provides an Easier Way to Farm money from Sign without Exploiting the Game. Let’s check it out.


1.Treasure hunter to increase the Money from Signs
2.450$ Heat Reader(the Cheapest one)
3.a Tier 2 Shotgun,SMG with ultra Violet Round in case of Shadow Dimensions

The Plan

A Signs in Poltergeist hunting Site is about 200 or more,Stack it with Treasure Hunter Skill you will most likely find Signs around 500 more so that mean Every 2 or 5 Min you would make Around 800 if you get lucky with 3 Signs you will have around 1000$

The Farming

  • 1.Play the Game while Doing Main Quest at the same time:
    -Zoe#1:2 Signs (You should sell the The Most Profit Signs after the First Misson and Kept the Low Tier Sign to Give Zoe in order to Maximize your Income)
    -Zoe#2:Deduct a Phantom
    -The Bouncer:4 Ghouls Meat(Note: You can Complete this Quest and Clear Sweeper with only a 40$ Pistol The Steer Burst-Pistole P18 so that mean if you want to maximize your income you can just stick to Pistol or a Double Barrel shotgun)
    -Zoe#3: Learn Advance Ritual( Find Lucky Kenny at the only Porker table)
    -Kenny: Unlock Enchril and Portergeist Hunting Missions
  • 2.Because the Thermal Reader is the only Equipment that don’t lose it’s Signs finding consistency so you should use all the left over after Completing the Main Quest till now to Buy one for 450$
  • 3.Always Choose Poltergeist(House) for the consistent.
  • 4.Use Your EMF to Read around Entrance(Don’t worry about the Signal Disruption.it’s not that Significant to not know if there is a Sign or not)
  • 5.Use Condensation Mode(R-Click the Mouse while Using Heat Reader) to Predict the Sign around the House Garden because there maybe one
  • 6.going from the Main or back of the House to Access the Main Lobby and Pick up Sign From Tendril
  • 7.When get Spotted just Run to Save Time(and Signs if you’re playing Hardmode)


That’s all we are sharing today in HellSign Money Farming Guide (Easy & Fast), if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.