How To Get an Exclusive Epic Fortnite Skin from Major Lazer


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Cooperation of well-known brands is becoming a fashion trend in Fortnite, especially after such examples as a spectacular live concert Marshmello and event dedicated to this event in General, in which” participated ” millions of people.

Now the game’s official Twitter account has confirmed what dataminers has already rumored to be: Fortnite is gearing up for a new collaboration with the music group, namely Major Lazer, the trio responsible for hits like Lean On or Cold Water.

“Tomorrow major laser enters the store,” you can read on Twitter. “Get ready for a new look, new moves and new hits!”

What is included in the Major Lazer bundle?

Fans of the trio will be able to get their hands on a brand new skin based on the Major Lazer character of the same name who appeared in their animated series back in 2015.

A special pickaxe will also be available, alongside a dance named “Major Moves,” and a custom back bling for the character as well.

Will there be a special Major Lazer event?

It has not yet been confirmed whether a concert similar to the Marshmallow concert will take place. There are no leaks! In my opinion this is unlikely, but knowing Epic, they can surprise us suddenly, so do not relax!.

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