How to Get the New Mythic Items in Fortnite Season 5

How to Get the New Mythic Items in Fortnite Season 5

03.12.2020 0 By Butcher79

Fortnite Season 5 introduced new Mythic weapons and items to the game. Here’s where you can find them.


Fortnite Season 5 is out now, and you know what that means: new Mythics. Here’s where you can find them.

Mythic items and weapons are a hot topic in the Fortnite world. Some people love them, and others have hated the idea since way back in the Infinity Blade days.

Season 5 was released with only one Mythic item and one Mythic weapon, although that’s probably going to change in the future. Data miners have already found several upcoming Mythic items relating to Battle Pass characters that will likely come to the game in the future.

Let’s start with the Mandalorian, as he is the first (and only) Mythic boss in Fortnite at the time of writing.

Fortnite Mandalorian Location

You can find The Mandalorian patrolling his crashed ship on the western edge of the desert biome, south of Colossal Coliseum. He’ll be carrying his sniper rifle and jetpack – both of which are worth grabbing once you eliminate him.

The sniper isn’t too special, apart from its thermal vision and ability to deal melee damage. The real prize is Mando’s jetpack, which allows you to aim-down-sights while flying in the air. We expect to see a ton of trickshots coming out of this one.

Consequently, this is also the location you need to visit to complete the “Open a Razer Chest” quest. If you’re alone – which isn’t likely at this stage of the game – you can kill two birds with one oversized Sniper Rifle.

For now, this is the only Mythic item in Fortnite. We assume that the other Battle Pass characters will join Mando in Hunter’s Haven, Colossal Coliseum, and Stealthy Stronghold, but they aren’t available just yet.

We’ll continue to update this post as more bosses, and Mythic abilities come to Fortnite. For now, we wish you luck grabbing these Mythics without getting sniped.