Location of All Fortnite XP Coins in 11 Week 5 Season

Location of All Fortnite XP Coins in 11 Week 5 Season

15.02.2021 0 By Butcher79

This is all locations where the experience coins are located in Week 11 of Season 5 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite..

When you get off the battle bus, you will find that it is already the 11th week of the 5th season of the 2nd chapter of Fortnite. This week, players need to complete seven different tasks dedicated to Valentine’s Day and, as usual, it is desirable to collect all the experience coins that were hidden throughout the island map. Their search is not always easy and fast, so if you do not want to comb the entire map up and down, use our guide and make it easier for yourself.

Fortnite Week 11 Season 5 XP Coins Locations

At the beginning of the season, we didn’t have any Fortnite XP coins to collect. However, they were added in the seventh week and have been appearing continuously ever since along with the weekly challenges.

The standard weekly set includes four regular Green Experience coins, three blue, two purple, and one gold. The blue XP coins are usually in the water, and this trend is seen from week to week this season. The Week 11 gold coin can be found to the west of the Holly Hedges, and the purple and green coins are distributed fairly evenly throughout the map.

The gold coin is on a Viking ship. Once you land on the ship, hit the center of it, and you’ll find a gold xp coin at its base, just like in the image above.

And here’s the full map of XP coins for Week 11, including four green, three blue, two purple, and a gold XP coin:

I hope everything is clear? Well, go ahead, take all these XP coins, because they are rightfully yours!