Loop Hero Broken Geography Tips

Loop Hero Broken Geography Tips

15.03.2021 0 By Butcher79

For Loop Hero players, this guide will provides some tips on how to get the achievement “Broken Geography”, let’s check it out.

The Intro

Before getting into the detail, getting this achievement can take a while. It’s all RNG based so you could get lucky but just prepare for a long haul.

Now Broken Geography requires you to “Place 10 cards you didn’t have in your deck, not counting ^Oblivion^”. The only way to do this is through the enemy Prime Matter who’s ability Creation give you 3 random cards (with a 33% chance of dropping a gold card).

This is where RNG starts coming into play. Prime Matter is an enemy that has a chance of spawning from a defeated Ghost of a Ghost, which has a chance of spawning from a defeated Ghost, WHICH has a 20% chance of spawning from a defeated enemy with a soul near a battlefield. Oh, and Prime Matter’s ability can still give you cards that you already have in your deck.

Now you know why this achievement is so rare.


The Deck

Loop Hero Broken Geography Tips
For this we’ll be focusing our deck around the Necromancer class. You can use the other classes, I just like the skeletons.For sure you want to keep Battlefield and Grove.


  • Using the minimum amount of cards needed means a bigger chance of getting a new card.
  • Avoid using blood grove as it doesn’t technically kill any enemies so it won’t spawn ghosts.
  • If you’re using Warrior or Rogue you can replace Smith’s Forge with Outpost.
  • Landscape cards can be changed around depending on your class as well.
  • Ancestral Crypt can be switched with Arsenal.

The Plan

For this to work you’ll need to play on Chapter 2+ so Prime Matter has their Creation ability. Personally I did this on Chapter 4 since there’s no limit on resources.

Now for placement you’ll want to place as much groves as possible, with the battlefield overlapping the groves. Keep in mind that overlapping battlefields does not increase the chances for ghost spawns, it unfortunately stays at 20%.

The rest is really just updating your gear and waiting for the RNG to fall into your favour.

And make sure you have enough landscape space to place a Treasury. From personal experience.


That’s all we are sharing today in Loop Hero Broken Geography Tips, if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.