Papilio Charontis – Hu Tao Story Quest Guide

Papilio Charontis – Hu Tao Story Quest Guide

03.03.2021 0 By Butcher79

Welcome to the Hu Tao Legend Quest guide “Papilio Charontis“. In this guide, you will find all the necessary information to complete the quest.

Hu Tao’s Story Quest – Rewards

Adventurer’s Exp600
ItemsPrimogems x 60
Guide To Diligence x 5
Hero’s Wit x 9
Mystic Enhancement Ore x 15

Hu Tao’s Story Quest – Walkthrough Guide

Hu Tao’s Story Walkthrough Chart

1Head to Wuwang Hill for a cutscene.
2Talk to Hu Tao and follow the quest pointers
3Protect the Monolith near Mt. Tiangheng.
4Follow the quest pointers and talk to Little Wu and give him Jueyun Chili.
5Head to Congzi and receive Luxurious Toybox.
6Follow the quest pointers once again.
7Enter the send off place near Wuwang Hill and finish the puzzle.
8Talk to Hu Tao and finish the quest.

How To Solve Dungeon Puzzle?

First Gate Puzzle

Adjust the angle of the in-game camera to fix the symbol.

Second Gate Puzzle

Two Orbs Location
Orb 1

Orb 2

Burn the thorns to obtain one blue wisp. The second wisp is obtained by riding the wind and doing the same gimmick as the first gate puzzle.

Third Gate Puzzle



Two orbs is needed to unlock the gate. Get the blue orb and follow the path to the left side of the room. You will be sent back to the same place and the blue orb will reset. Place the blue orb that you are holding and get the new orb and place it to the other lantern.