RuneScape Compendium of Useful Tips and Guides

RuneScape Compendium of Useful Tips and Guides

16.10.2020 0 By Butcher79

A compendium of useful tips, tricks and advice to help new and old players alike, including some of the most popular guides like: Money making, account security, boss farming, questing advice, and much more!



Hello everyone! and welcome back to another guide. This time i want to take my time to thank all and everyone of you for being so open minded and giving RuneScape 3 a shot, this game thrives on its community and what a better way to say thanks than making guides for all of you!

If you’re looking for advice on questing, money making, account security, or just want some wallpapers and music to expand your game experience, then stick around and give this guide a read 🙂

Surely you’ll find something new you didn’t knew about!


Quests List

Looking for quests and help to finish them off? Here’s some advice about where to start along some quick guides to walk you through them.

Rs.Wiki Links
There are a total of 227 quests with 38 free and 189 members-only quests
Breakdown by skills
Quests completion order[]
This is a guide including the best order to complete your quests according to your levels


Quest Series[]
Includes all series and plotlines
Items & misc. rewards[]
Useful and convenient items
Experience Rewards[]
Good to achieve those extra levels

Useful Links

In addition to the previous table, here’s a second one with information you may find interesting, some of them are taken directly from the official game subreddit page.

Useful Links
The absolute best place to get information about the game
One of the best ways to search articles using the Google chrome address bar
PVM Encyclopedia[]
The official discord group for the PVM Encyclopedia, including a lot (and i mean it) of great links and information to get you started on PVM’ing
If you’re looking to get into high level PVM, or want a group, this Megathread should prove really useful
A Glossary of various PVM terms used by the community. Made by Evil Lucario
Optimal Invention Perks[]
A breakdown of the Most Effective PVM Invention Perks for your Weapons and Armor (including entry level perks)
This is a subreddit “hand-picked” selection of some of the most useful tips and tricks about the game
Returning Player Guide[]
Coming Back? Look here to get a glimpse of what has changed
Returning player? This video can get you back into the fold really quick
Did you just bought your membership and want to know how to get the most out of it? Look at this video
If you’re wondering how this Complex Market works, this is your one time stop to understand a couple of its secrets
This post may help you understand why certain prices aren’t accurate in the G.E. Read carefully to avoid being scammed
An incredibly in depth and useful list of goals to achieve in game, made by Iron_Lucien
Guide to 200M XP on Every Skill[]
In case you enjoy a skill so much you want to stick with it all the way to Max XP Cap
Clue Scrolls Guide[]
If you need help with your Treasure Trails and Clue Scrolls
In case you need help with these, rather complex, treasure trails
For help with the Penguin Hide & Seek Minigame (World 60 only)
A Quick rundown on the NXT client features and how to get the best performance
A comprehensive list of all the current content creators in our community

Account Security

Here’s also a table with plenty of advice to improve your Account security, including some of the most common scams people experience on a daily basis. It is better to know about these kind of scams so you don’t get caught.

Also always remember the rule of thumb: If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

Useful Links
A quick rundown of how to detect and avoid this common scam
This is an informative video about some of these scams, trust no one and remember “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”
In short, nobody is quitting RuneScape, nobody is doing a giveaway, so please, be careful and do not give your personal information and passwords, never give your sensitive data over the internet, period

Official RuneScape Music and Wallpapers

If you’re looking for artwork or soundtrack items to expand your RuneScape Collection, this is your one time stop.
Art/OST Links
RS3 Wallpapers[]
RuneScape Flickr account of wallpapers
RuneScape Artstation Page[]
Wallpapers and concept art by the talented Jagex Artists
RS3 Music archive[]
If you enjoy the RuneScape modern soundtrack
Yann’s YT Channel including plenty of the RuneScape soundtrack released
If you enjoy the Pre-2007 RuneScape soundtrack
DISCLAIMER: all information, images and content displayed on these tables belong to their respective creators, make sure to thank and support them should you find their content useful and informative. I take no credit for the information shared and my only goal is to help new and old players alike, thanks for reading.


That’s all we are sharing today in RuneScape Compendium of Useful Tips and Guides, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

Credit to Kranon