Loop Hero Manager Tool Guide

For Loop Hero players, this guide provides a tool for Loop Hero to plan tile placements and find efficient setups. Let’s check it out. Why? Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of questions and image posts...


Loop Hero Final Camp Supply Setup (Everything Maxed)

This is for everyone who is pretty done with the game and looking for the best Camp Supply Setup. Note that this is only my personal choice and maybe you prefer to switch some items  Su...


Get Out! Complete Solution Guide

For GET OUT! players, this guide provides a complete solution guide of all puzzles in game, contains spoiler. Let’s check it out. Getting the phone number To get the phone number for the extraction, l...


Dyson Sphere Program Matrix Production Guide

For Dyson Sphere Program players, this is a guide about the component flow charts for research matrix production, let’s check it out. Build the most efficient intergalactic factory in space simulation...


HellSign Money Farming Guide (Easy & Fast)

For HellSign players, this guide provides an Easier Way to Farm money from Sign without Exploiting the Game. Let’s check it out. Requirements 1.Treasure hunter to increase the Money from Signs 2.450$ ...


Incremental Epic Hero Codes. Bonus for a Better Start

Getting started in Incremental Epic Hero may get rough but the dev gave away some codes you can redeem on system->bonus code. If you’re starting out I advise you to use the super coins you to get t...


Incremental Epic Hero Basic Guide for Beginners

For Incremental Epic Hero beginners, if you don’t know what to do at the start of the game, this guide will explain to you how to play this game, let’s check it out. This is Getting Started guide for ...


100% Achievements in Persona 5 Strikers Guide

For Persona 5 Strikers players, this is a simple guide listing all the achievements in Persona 5 Strikers, and how to unlock them. Be warned, there will be some spoilers. Overview for 100% Achievement...


CES 2020: AMD Unveils Radeon RX 5600 XT for “Ultimate” Gaming in 1080p

Following the Ryzen 4000-series mobile processors, AMD presented a new video card based on the Navi — Radeon RX 5600 XT GPU at the presentation at CES 2020, which has been very much rumored recently. ...

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