The Benza RPG Battle Arena Guide

The Benza RPG Battle Arena Guide

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For The Benza RPG players, this is a guide to all of the current matches in the Benza Battle Arena as well as Boss Rush mode.



This is a guide to help with the arena mode in The Benza RPG. The arena is
located in the south west corner of Higashi Nakano, and can be accessed after
gaining the yellow key.

The arena has two different modes, standard and Boss Rush. Boss Rush becomes
available after Alena joins the party.

The matches in the standard mode give you a rare weapon or shield after winning.
Boss Rush has accessories that are not available anywhere else in the game.
Additionally, The Benza Battle Arena is a great place to have Alena treasure
hunt as many of the opponents have omamoris that she can steal.

It goes with out saying, but there are minor spoilers ahead. Please do not use
this guide if you do not want to be spoiled or know about who joins the party.


The Benza Battle Arena Rank G

RANK G Cost: 250 Gold

Recommended Party: Kyle LV10, Chris LV10, Stephanie LV8, David LV8

(Note: It is possible to bring Justin here as a guest character. His ability to
add Speed 2 to the team occasionally during the fight is a great help and I
highly recommend it.)

Prize: Vitality Sword

This is the first fight of The Benza Battle Arena, and you will know fairly
quickly if you are properly equipped to handle the challenge. Make sure to have
the whole party equipped in second tier armor to help mitigate the damage.

Fanny Deep- Fanny has a lot of group magic attacks that do elemental damage plus
a negative status effect. Shimmy has the potential to charm the whole party and
Shake can paralyses the team. Make sure to silence her with Kyle’s Silent Blade
sword skill as soon as he has 25 TP. David’s Shout ability is also very useful
to keep Fanny stunned. Chris should focus on healing support buffs and Montage
With Me when he has a spare turn to improve damage. Stephanie should use Fire

Hiro- The main threat here is Encore, which will repeat the last move the party
used. For example, if David used Shout before Hiro uses Encore, Hiro will then
use Shout on the party. For this reason, it is best to keep attacks single
target and mid damage range. Have Kyle use Provoke and Silent Blade. Chris
should buff the team with Montage With Me and Kimi No Hikari. Stephanie should
use single target tier 1 magic spells. David should also focus on single target

Ace1- Drop the Bass will remove all buffs that the team has, so in this fight it
is not important to buff. Have Kyle use Provoke to attack Ace1’s basic attacks
and use Silent Blade to stop him from buffing himself with Hyped Up. Healing
will come down to Chris, and using Drain Dance with Healing Hammer will help him
keep everyone’s HP high. David can focus on lowering Ace1’s defence and
building up TP for his 25 TP weapon skill. Stephanie should use Fire 2.


Rank F

RANK F Cost: 500 Gold

Recommended Party: Kyle LV11, Chris LV11, Stephanie LV9, David LV9

(Note: It is possible to bring Justin here as a guest character. His ability to
add Speed 2 to the team occasionally during the fight is a great help and I
highly recommend it.)

Prize: Throwing Daggers

Tatsuya- First One In will buff Tatsuya’s agility and magic defence. If you
aren’t planning to buff Stephanie’s magic with Kimi No Hikari from Chris, it
might be best to go for an all out physical damage assault. Use Montage With Me
twice to boost David, and have David lower Tatsuya’s physical defence twice. At
this point even Stephanie should be able to damage him with her 100 Yen

The main worry in this fight is Tatsuya’s Last One Out ability. If affected by
Amnesia, that character will lose their ability to use Skills. This basically
renders David useless other than attacking and greatly diminishes Chris’ ability
to heal. Silencing him will prevent him from using it, so Kyle should use
Silent Blade as soon as possible.

Tomoko- Domination does a strong physical attack to every member of the team.
It is vital that Kyle uses Barrier when he is able to as an under equipped or
under leveled team can easily be defeated by this move twice in succession.

Her other move Put Down causes a random number of status effects. Kyle’s Silent
Blade can prevent her from using this, so it would be a good idea to have Kyle
use it the moment he gets 25 TP.

As always, use David’s Shout if you need a turn to catch up on healing. Chris
should be going back and forth between healing with Heal All 1, Healing Hammer,
and buffing with Montage With Me or Kimi No Hikari when possible. Stephanie
should use tier 2 damaging magic.

Bob- Bob has three attacks that you need to worry about. The Sword of Dedragon
damages and lowers max HP. The Legend of Bob has a full team sleep effect.
1000 Punch Kick attacks 4 random characters 2 times each. If it hits, it has a
chance of causing the Rage state.

If you have an accessory that prevents the rage state or sleep state, it would
be a good idea to equip it on Chris so he can keep the team healed. A character
in the rage state will constantly attack the enemy with boosted strength. This
means it would be a good idea to lower Bob’s defense with David’s Armor Break
and further boost attack with Chris’ Montage With Me.

Since Bob’s attacks are mostly random or group attacks, Kyle’s Provoke will not
be to useful in this fight, but his Barrier ability is a real life saver.
Stephanie should use a tier 2 spell when she can, but if the fight isn’t going
well don’t be afraid to have her use items to heal and support the team.


Rank E


Recommended Party: Kyle LV11, Chris LV11, Stephanie LV10, David LV10
(Note: It is possible to bring Justin here as a guest character. His ability to
add Speed 2 to the team occasionally during the fight is a great help and I
highly recommend it.)
Cost: 750 Gold
Prize: Inspiring Wand

Fanny Deep and Hiro- The real threat in this fight is Fanny Deep. At this point
in the game, a Charmed David in Beast Mode can one shot KO Stephanie. We must
take measures to prevent Fanny from using Shimmy and to buff the teams defense
in case she does. Hiro’s Encore is a bit of an annoyance as he will copy the
last attack used, but it is no where near as bad as Fanny charming the entire

Kyle should focus on using Barrier to buff defense, and attack with Silent Blade
on Fanny Deep once he has reached 25 TP. Chris must buff attack and magic
damage with Montage With Me and Kimi No Hikari, but he also must keep a close
eye on Stephanie’s HP. Healing Hammer should be used as soon as he has 25 TP.
Stephanie can use any tier 2 damaging magic. David should use Shout as long as
it will not take him out of Beast Mode.

Tatsuya and Tomoko- Once again, Tatsuya’s Last One Out is the greatest challenge
to overcome in this fight. If David is affected by it, it will greatly weaken
his ability to assist the party in this fight. Kyle should silence Tatsuya as
soon as possible with Silent Blade and then use Barrier to reduce the damage
from Tomoko’s Domination attack.

Chris should buff magic damage with Kimi No Hikari and let Stephanie focus on
nuking the enemy with tier 2 magic. Boosting attack in this fight is risky as
Amnesia will prevent anyone from using highly damaging attack Skills. David
should use Shout to try to stun Tomoko and Tatsuya.

Bob and Ace1- Ace1 can remove the team’s buffs at any time with Drop The Base,
which means buffing isn’t as important as damaging and healing.

David should use Meditate at the start of the fight, and use Shout whenever it
will not take him out of Beast Mode. Chris should focus on healing, especially
giving priority to Drain Dance and Healing Hammer. This way if he falls asleep
from Bob’s The Legend of Bob attack the party will still be healed. Kyle should
use Provoke to help build TP, then Silent Blade on Ace1 to prevent him from
using Hyped Up. Stephanie should use either tier 2 magic to damage.

Take your time with this fight and you should be fine.


Rank D


Recommended Party: Kyle LV12, Chris LV12, Stephanie LV11, David LV11
(Note: It is possible to bring Justin here as a guest character. His ability to
add Speed 2 to the team occasionally during the fight is a great help and I
highly recommend it.)
Cost: 1000 Gold
Learnable Hauntings: N/A
Prize: Stunning Bow

Paula and Rachel- Paula’s tier 3 magic is very damaging and the team does not
have access to any kind of magic defense buff at this point in the game. That
makes it vital that Kyle uses Silent Blade as soon as he has 25 TP available to
stop her. David’s Stun can also possibly prevent her from attacking and is very
useful. Paula left unchecked can easily wipe your entire team so be careful.

Rachel has access to several of David’s abilities. If you are affected by her
Armor Break ability, have Kyle counter with Barrier to raise your defense back

Chris should focus on healing primarily, but helping Stephanie do more damage
via Kimi No Hikari is also a very good idea.

Joe and Christine- Christine has several of the same abilities as Chris, so it
would be good to use Silent Blade on her to prevent her from using them.
Special to Me has the ability to put the team to sleep and is especially

Joe has many of the same abilities as Kyle and has access to Silent Blade. If
he uses Silent Blade on Stephanie or Chris, make sure to use a medicine to
remove it as their magic is very important.

If Joe buffs defence, have David use Armor Break to counter it. Stephanie
should use a tier 2 magic spell every turn. Chris should buff magic attack via
Kimi No Hikari to support her. Kyle’s Provoke and Heroic Dodge will help
mitigate some of the damage in this fight.

Kate- All the Pencils does a flat 500 damage and is not affected by Barrier, so
it is very important that you keep the team’s HP above 500 at all times. To
complicate things, Kate has access to Shout, so it is very easy for her to stun
the full party.

David’s Power Break is a must in this fight. Though it will not reduce the
damage of All the Pencils, it will lower the damage of Shout. For the same
reason, Kyle should use Barrier two times to get the full defensive buff applied
to the team. He should also use Heroic Dodge when ever he has a free turn.
Chris should focus on healing and buffing either magic or physical damage.
Stephanie should use a tier 2 magic spell to damage Kate.

The next rank is a bit of a spoiler, so I will give a little space for people
who have not gotten past floor 26 of the Japanese school.


Rank C


(From here on out, the opponents use a lot of magic, so I recommend not
challenging it until after the story split on floor 26.)
Recommended Party: Chris LV16, Alena LV12, Lee LV11, Tamura LV11
Cost: 1250 Gold
Prize: Rapid Reloader

Naito- Naito uses a lot of magic attacks, and the only one with an ability to
stop them is Lee. Use his random negative status effect ability and hope for
Silence or Paralyze. While you are waiting for Silence to land, have Tamura use
Spell Shield or Juju Magnet to nullify the magic’s damage. Alena should save
her TP for Flair Gun and use Eye Gouge as well to increase the chance of Naito’s
physical attacks missing. Chris should focus on healing as well as buffing
attack damage with Montage With Me. On Tamura’s off turns, 1000 Punch Kick can
help end this fight quicker if he has it.

Carol- Carol has the ability to confuse the team which can cause a lot of
problems if the team has had their attack buffed by Chris. In this fight it is
best to focus on boosting magic damage via Kimi No Hikari and let Lee handle the
damage dealing with his random magic ability. Tamura should keep Spell Shield
up at all times if he has it. Alena should save her TP for Flair Gun and use it
as soon as possible. If the team is suffering from being Confused, have Chris
use Step Forward Again to help them recover. If Chris is Confused, use a
medicine to recover or just let the effect wear off.

Shayna- Shayna can inflict the team with Silence. If Alena or Tamura are
silenced, it is not very debilitating, but on Lee or Chris it can be quite
devastating. If Chris is silenced, have him use Drain Dance or Healing Hammer
to support heal until he recovers. As always, Tamura should make sure Spell
Shield or Juju Magnet is up at all times. Lee should focus on damage with his
25 TP point ability or his random magic damage skill. Alena should apply Flair
Gun as soon as she has built enough TP and then Eye Gouge to increase the chance
of Shayna’s attacks to miss.


Rank B

Rank B
Recommended Party: Chris 18, Alena 15, Lee 12, Tamura 14
(If you have a Super Mental Guard, I highly recommend equipping it to Tamura so
he will be able to keep Spell Shield/Juju Magnet up.)
Cost: 1500 Gold
Prize: Confusing ClawsRound 1- Tomoko, Ace1, Naito
This fight can quickly get out of hand if you don’t approach it correctly.
First, Alena’s Slow and Chris’ Special To Me are helpful at keeping the fight
under control. Lee’s random negative status effect ability is also very useful.
Tamura needs to focus on keeping Spell Shield up at all times.

If you are able to put the enemy to sleep, it is best to buff attack via Montage
With Me from Chris and then attack them one by one. If they wake up and Chris
isn’t needed for healing, it is best to have him put the enemies you are not
attacking back to sleep.

Tomoko has the least HP, so she is the easiest to pick off first. Ace1 should be
tackled second. Naito should be handled last. Using Alena’s Flame Thrower can
attack all three, so I recommend saving 40 TP and using it. If Tamura has it,
Wither 2 as well as 1000 Punch Kick can also help speed this fight along.

Round 2- Shayna, Kate, Bob

With Kate on the battle field, it is once again very important to make sure that
your team stays above 500 HP at all times. Shayna’s magic is very damaging if
she catches you with out Spell Shield up, and at this point in the game All the
Pencil’s right after one of Shayna’s spells can kill any member of your team.

To make matters worse, Bob’s 1000 Punch Kick has the chance to put a character
into the Rage state, rendering them uncontrollable. His attack The Legend of
Bob can sleep the entire party, and Sword of Detragon can lower Max HP.

Bob is the most urgent threat and has the lowest HP, so it is best to target him
first. Kate’s physical damage can easily be mended if Chris isn’t silenced and
should be taken out next. Shayna has the most HP and should be saved for last.

Between Bob’s rage inflicting 1000 Punch Kick and Shayna’s Silence, it’s hard to
give one set strategy for this fight. Chris should keep Drain Dance and Healing
Hammer up at all times in case he is Silenced. When possible, have him boost
physical attack damage with Montage With Me. Alena should use Flame Thrower
when she has the TP for it and use keep Slow up at all times. Tamura must keep
Spell Shield or Juju Magnet up at all times. Wither 1 or 2 are also excellent
choices for this fight. Lee’s random negative status effect ability can really
come in handy here, and should be used to make the fight easier if needed. If
silenced, Lee should focus on building up his TP to use his damaging 25 TP point

Round 3- Carol, Tatsuya, Fanny

This is another round that can easily get out of hand if not played carefully.
Carol has the ability to confuse the party, and Fanny has abilities that can
stun or charm. Tatsuya has the ability to inflict amnesia and buff the enemies
magic defense as well as agility.

Right away, we can see that using Montage With Me to boost attack can go very
wrong quickly if the party is inflicted with Charm or Confuse. Instead, it is
better to have Chris boost Magic Attack with Kimi No Hikari and have Tamura and
Lee focus on magic attacks. In the case that Chris is confused or charmed, it
is a great idea to keep Healing Hammer and Drain Dance up at all times. Alena
should concentrate on keeping the Burn effect up with Flame Thrower and Slow up
at all times. On spare turns Eye Gouge and Life Steal can also be a great help.
As always, Tamura must keep Spell Shield and Juju Magnet up if possible.

Fanny is the greatest threat and has the lowest HP in this fight, so she should
be focused on first. Tatsuya cannot boost Carol’s magic attack, so he is not
much of a threat. I recommend saving him for last and focusing on Carol next to
prevent her from confusing the party. After that, finishing off Tatsuya is a


Rank A

Rank A

Recommended Party: Chris (18), Alena (15), Lee (14), Tamura (15)
Cost: 1750 Gold
Prize: Norowareta Tate

There is only one round to this rank, but it is a VERY tough fight. Each one of
the Benza English cast members has new and original moves that must be dealt

Kaori has the ability to prevent a party member from being healed for a set
number of points while creating an HP barrier around her allies. Lee’s random
debuff ability is one of the best ways to deal with Kaori. Sleep, silence, or
paralyze will prevent her from being able to use her HP barrier or heal blocking

Maria is primarily a physical damage dealer, but her move Passive Aggression
will see her negative status effects placed back on the party, so be careful!
Additionally, she has the ability to imbue another characters physical attack
with the fire element. This causes physical damage AND fire damage, so it’s as
if they are suffering two separate attacks.

Hamilton’s ability Exhaustion drains additional MP if the party uses it. Though
in the short term it may not seem very significant, Chris or Tamura can easily
find themselves with out magic if you are not careful! Additionally, Hamilton
has the ability to call Bob and Shayna into battle. At 80 percent health he
will call Shayna, and at 20 percent health Bob. This fight can turn into five
versus four if you are not careful.

First, Hamilton must be dealt with slowly. His physical attacks are not very
damaging, but his Call ability can tilt the odds in Benza English’s favor
quickly. Once he summons Shayna, the number one priority is to defeat her and
remove her from the battle. After she is gone, continue to damage Hamilton
until he summons Bob. Once Bob is on the field, it is fine to take Hamilton
out. Bob should be dealt with simultaneously or immediately after.

Next, Kaori’s Sacred Shield HP barrier ability is obnoxious and must be dealt
with. The only way to remove it is with damage. Luckily Alena’s Flair
Gun/Flame Thrower damage is not affected by Sacred Shield, so try to keep this
on Kaori at all times. Having Chris, Tamura, and Lee damage Kaori to remove the
barriers should steadily lower her heath until she is taken out of the fight.

Finally, Maria’s physical attacks are painful, but it’s nothing Chris can’t
handle. Be careful of placing too many negative status effects on Maria as she
can dump them all on the party at any given moment with Passive Aggression.

A lot of this fight is situational. When Shayna or Kaori are on the field,
Spell Shield or Juju Magnet are needed from Tamura, but other than that he is
free to attack with 1000 Punch Kick, Wither 1 and 2, or Dual Attack. Lee should
be careful with his random negative status effect ability, and should instead
build 25 TP up and use his weapon skill instead. His random magic ability also
can come in handy here. Chris must keep on top of healing, but Montage With Me
or Kimi No Hikari are both safe to use for buffing attack and magic attack
damage. Finally, Alena should (as always) keep the Burn effect and Slow effect
up, but be careful of Maria. It might be best to keep Burn off of her in case
she throws it back on Alena.

This fight is only one round, but it was the longest of the arena fights. I’m
really excited for Maria, Kaori, and Hamilton to be playable characters in
version two. They each have really different abilities that look like would be
a lot of fun to have. Especially if Hamilton is able to “Call” characters into
battle. Who wouldn’t want to call Bob or Shayna to assist in a fight?


That’s all we are sharing today in The Benza RPG Battle Arena Guide, if there are anything you want to add please feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll see you soon.

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