Valheim Animal Taming Guide: How to Find, Tame & Use All Animals

Valheim Animal Taming Guide: How to Find, Tame & Use All Animals

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This is a guide to all the animals in Valheim, including information on finding and taming them.

Want to know how to tame Valheim animals? The Norse wilderness of Valheim can be a brutal, unforgiving place – but whether you’re playing the Viking game by yourself or on a multiplayer Valheim server, you don’t have to face it alone. Brush up on your animal husbandry with these tips.

As a Viking cast into the tenth Norse world with nothing but the clothes on your back, you’ll have to rely on your skills to find supplies for weapons, tools, and housing. While learning to hunt is a great way to find supplies, eventually, you’ll want more sustainability. Just like farming, trapping and raising animals is a great way to generate your own supply of meat and resources — and most importantly, you’ll make a new friend. Here’s how to tame and raise animals in Valheim.


Valheim Taming Guide – How to Tame Animals

Boars are the first animal you’ll encounter that can be tamed. To start, find a spot to build a pen. The enclosed space will be the boar’s new home, so pick a spot that’s not too far from your current housing situation. Make a gap in the fence, and head out to find a boar. boar can be found in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes, so begin your search there. Once you’ve found one (or many) boars, you’ll have to get them to follow you. Boars are easy to outmaneuver and outrun, but watch out for their gore attack. Boars are also afraid of fire, so try not to lead them toward any fires as you guide them.

Once the boar is safely in the pen, quickly close the gap in the fence. The boar will continue to thrash about in its pen, so be mindful of the damage done to your makeshift fences. Now that you’ve captured a boar, you need to tame it. They eat fruits, mushrooms, and carrots, so toss anything you’ve got into the pen. Eventually, the boar will nibble on the treats and you’ll see a percentage begin to rise when you place your cursor on the boar.

Check back after a few days, keeping the boar’s food supply up, and eventually, the boar will become domesticated. You can even pet your boar now. If you tame more than one boar, they will start breeding. Be sure to give them enough space in their pen, and you should see the results of your hard work pretty quickly.



Taming a Valheim wolf is a much tougher prospect. The precursors to man’s best friend aren’t feeling quite as inclined to be friendly – however, once you’ve earned their loyalty, they become useful companions, following faithfully alongside as you venture across Valheim, and defending you against enemies.

Wolves are found in the mountains, so make sure you have frost resistance before you attempt to explore. In order to tame a wolf, you’ll need to build a pen – roundpole fences aren’t going to cut it; you’ll need at least stakewalls to keep them contained, as they attack the fences when frightened. You’ll probably need to coax the wolf into the pen by letting it chase you; better equip your best Valheim armour, to be safe. Once you’ve captured a wolf, leave a bunch of raw meat in the pen (around five or six should do) and back off so they calm down. You may want to build a roof over the pen to protect it from flying foes.

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Now you’ve got a tame wolf, you may be wondering how to take them home with you across the ocean, as they can’t travel through portals. Build a dock over your ship and push the wolf on to the boat, but beware, as they will jump off to attack any hostile mobs that you sail past on land.


Valheim Taming Guide – How to Tame Animals


To breed Valheim wolves, place raw meat in front of two tamed wolves, ensuring they have plenty of space – after a while, a little baby wolf will arrive.


Valheim Taming Guide – How to Tame Animals


If you visit the merchant, Haldor, you may have noticed the giant alpaca-looking beast at his campsite. That’s a lox, and you can get one yourself by exploring the Plains biome. The lox is massive, and you’ll need more than a wooden fence to lock these beasts up. Craft a stone pen big enough to house a lox and track one down in the Plains.

Lox are slow, but they pack a punch, so be careful as you lure them into their pen. You can also take a stealthier approach, and leave a trail of Cloudberries and Barley nearby to lure them into a pen. Remember to crouch so that you don’t scare the lox.

If you manage to get one in, quickly lock it up and begin the day’s long track to domestication. lox eat Barley and Cloudberries, both of which can be found in the Plains biome. Once you fully domesticate the beast, you can bread it for its pelt and its meat.

Become a beastmaster

These are all the animals that can be tamed so far. Valheim is still in early access, so there may be new animals and new animal features added as the game matures.