Walkthrough Tactics | Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey – How to Gather & Hunt for Food, Where to Find Water

Walkthrough Tactics | Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey – How to Gather & Hunt for Food, Where to Find Water

30.08.2019 8 By Butcher79

Survival in the wild and protection of their compatriots is a key aspect of gameplay Ancestors: The Odyssey of Humankind, however, you will not succeed without a skilled of gathering food, hunting animals and finding water.

In this guide we explain how it is done.

General point

An attentive player will find in the world of ancesters many different food options-vegetables and fruits, fish and seafood, as well as meat of small and large mammals.

The APE skill tree in ancesters is implemented in the form of a kind of neural connections of the human brain, offering four main directions of development: intelligence, communication, smell and motor skills.


To distinguish healthy and tasty food from poisonous and dangerous, you will need to develop a good sense of smell (smell different products), a little intelligence (remember their smell and appearance), as well as motor skills (to break coconuts or attack predators).

In combination, your monkey can just catch the smell of food from memory and recognize what smells so delicious.

Unknown food after eating can lead to different situations. Something goes well, something at the first acquaintance upset the stomach, and something will cause food poisoning. But harm from products the second categories can be reduce, if develop habit to their use.

The world of the Ancestors: The Odyssey of Humankind brings food to a new level video. So, under the rocks and trees you can find mushrooms (not all of them are useful). And if you scatter boulders, you can find suitable for eating insects, like Scorpions.


Berries and fruits of some herbs that you try among the first to help satisfy your hunger. However, it will soon become clear that their use in large numbers harms the protagonist, so try not to abuse them.

With the development of intelligence can improve vision to scale the image and see some edible object, looking at the space in the distance. Pumping sense of smell will smell the object, and then you will have to go in search of him.

When a monkey holds something in his hands, he categorizes it as “food”or” tool.” In the first case, you can take a bite and try a new food. We advise you to “save” all the food in the memory to find it faster in the future.

You can also develop neurons that allow you to determine the content of the form and recognize a group of the same objects.

Where in the Ancestors of The Humankind Odyssey to find water

Water is one of the most common resources in ancesters: the Humankind Odyssey and should be consumed constantly to maintain sufficient water levels in the body, not just to quench thirst.


However, as in real life, water is divided into flowing and stagnant. Water of the first group can be found in rivers, waterfalls, lakes with drains.

Stagnant water is in swamps and ponds without runoff, obviously, it has more germs and bacteria, so avoid drinking it if you do not want the monkey to die prematurely.

As for Ancestors to find food and process it

At the initial stage, the monkey can only eat fruit-fruits, nuts, vegetables, berries, mushrooms. But not all of them can be detected by the eye — some can only be smelled.

For example, mangoes, coconuts and fruits of a number of fruit trees can be found only with a well-pumped sense of smell. So in search of treats climb a palm tree and sniff out the surrounding space.

But the presence of the fruit in the hands does not always mean that it is ready for use. Coconuts — one of the most delicious nuts, but they are covered with durable containment. Just break it will not work-spoil the contents.

Therefore, first you need to tear off the outer shell of the nut. To do this, switch to “hands” and use the alternative application function. Wait for the moment when the signal sounds “Ding”, which will make it clear – the function of changing the subject can be disabled without breaking it.

Then take a stone (for example, granite) and knock on the coconut, listening to the sound of “Ding”. After that, the nut will be split and you can safely eat it.

The sense of smell will also lead to birds ‘ eggs located on trees. But first, use observation — because you need to find the nesting birds and get to them.

Eating fish and seafood in Ancesters

The game world is filled with all sorts of invertebrates and molluscs, usually harmless. The use of some of them will give protection from poison, which is useful if snakes are seen nearby.

As a rule, invertebrates and mollusks just lie in different places or move slowly. It is not difficult to find a couple to eat. Even more you can find, picking a stick in shurovochnoe the hole, then switch to the alternative mode to pick up prey.

As for fishing, instead of spinning and bait game offers to see the fish and pierce it with a sharp spear. To go fishing, pick up a broken branch or tear it from a tree, and then sharpen the stone.

Next, you need to find a convenient coastal cutout, where you can sneak up on the fish without scaring it. Note that if you hold the stick too long under physical stress, it will break and the monkey will be left without dinner.


When pumping communication skills, you can order members of your pack to imitate the actions of your monkey — allowing them to feed themselves.

How to hunt in Ancestors and become omnivorous

Having sufficiently developed agility and motor skills, the monkey will learn to swing a stick and throw stones accurately, allowing the player to attack a lot of predators roaming around. It uses the same mechanics as with fruits and vegetables — explore the object, and then try it.

Any prey after killing need to cut, thereby opening access to the tasty meat — use the stones. Finding in the game world of large bones, use them to hunt lions, but to become the king of the jungle, you will need pumped strength and agility.

At first, the stomach of your monkey and his pack is not adapted to digest meat and will cause food poisoning. Keep eating meat so your stomach can adapt to it.


Best suited for hunting small stones from a meteorite — they are strong enough for hunting animals, and their subsequent cutting, thus the search for fragments of the comet will pay off.

If you not want kill animals, then you can replace alone predators on territory other — more dangerous. Say, a lion or a tiger on the territory of a crocodile, after which, if you’re lucky, the reptile will deal with the mammal, and you can explore its remains and eat the carcass.

The only thing that is impossible to do in the game is to eat other monkeys. When one of the pack members dies or you come across the corpse of a strange monkey, they will be inedible, and cannibalism is clearly condemned in society.

Remember that the more a monkey sniffs, remembers images and hunts his food, the more the next generations will be able to do.